Brits Shown to Favor Green Home Improvements

Eco-friendly home improvements appear to be increasingly sought-after by Britons, it has been reported.

In research carried out by Legal & General as a part of its ongoing Changing Face of British Homes study, it was revealed that making greener changes to lifestyles is an evermore popular option for members of the public. The study showed that some 37 per cent of people have installed either draught-proofing or double glazing. Meanwhile, 25 per cent of respondents were shown to have fitted additional loft insulation.

For those consumers looking for an effective way to carry out eco-friendly improvements to their property, such as double-glazing and loft insulation, taking out a low-cost home loan may be useful.

The study also showed that just under three-quarters of Britons use low-energy light bulbs, with 23 per cent of respondents looking to recycle rain water. Making sure electrical appliances are not left on standby and making use of reusable shopping bags were also revealed to be popular eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Meanwhile, recycling rubbish was indicated as the most sought-after means in which people lead a greener lifestyle. Overall, 98 per cent of people claimed to be taking steps to improve their environmental efficiency.

However, it appears a significant number of Britons only want to make environmentally-friendly changes when it suits them, with more than half of those questioned said to be unhappy about being charged for waste removal services. An estimated 23 per cent are said to be irked at having to pay for plastic carrier bags at supermarkets and shops.

Commenting on the figures, Ruth Wilkins, head of communications for Legal & General’s general insurance business, said: “While people are annoyed by the implementation of green initiatives the efforts being made to force residents to recycle more of their rubbish are beginning to pay off, with recycling rates jumping from seven per cent to 33 per cent in the past ten years. Legal & General’s recent research would support these findings as the Changing Face of British Homes research shows that a large number of us are taking steps to become greener. Brits simply want to make their own decisions regarding how and when to be green.”

Ms Wilkins went on to report that it is important for those homeowners thinking about carrying out major improvements to their property which are of an environmentally-friendly nature “to check their insurance cover to make sure they are covered under the terms of their policy”.

For consumers wishing to renovate their house – and at the same time help take steps to save the environment – applying for a homeowner loan could be useful. In obtaining this kind of home loan it may be possible that the cost of installing eco-friendly improvements – such as cavity wall insulation, biomass heaters, draught proofing and solar heating panels – can be met quickly and affordably. Indeed borrowing for the purposes of financing home improvements could be rising in popularity after a recent Lloyds TSB study revealed a 19 per cent increase in loan applications for such purposes this month in comparison to August 2007.

Expensive Group Florida Health Insurance Plans Make Individual Plans More Appealing

According to a new analysis of the nation’s 10 largest states, Florida ranked highest in terms of the average cost for group Florida health insurance premiums for family coverage. Last year, the cost of family coverage in Florida per employee averaged $15,032 according to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in Rockville, Maryland. The state of Ohio, which came in with the least expensive options, only had an average premium cost of $13,083 per employee.

The investigation showed that 30.3 percent of employees who enroll in employer-sponsored Florida health insurance plans select family coverage. It also found out that 51.3 percent select individual coverage and 18.3 percent enroll in employee-plus-one dependent health care coverage.

Do Individual Florida Health Insurance Plans Cost Less Than Group Coverage?

When you are trying to compare individual and group coverage plans, your head may be spinning from the many choices. If you’re looking for the least costly options, take a look at FL health insurance plans that require you to pay for health care up to an annual limit. These are called high-deductible plans, even though the deductible may range from $500 to $20,000.

Typically, plans with higher deductibles have lower premiums. Many people are finding that it’s actually cheaper to buy their own plan than to continue paying for escalating premiums on group coverage. That is especially true for employees who need to add family members to their coverage.

Some employers are also allowing employees to select policies within a certain range and contributing to the cost of the insurance, possibly through payroll deductions. The high-deductible plans that work with Health Savings Accounts often have premiums so low that small businesses have been able to not only continue to provide employees with health plan coverage on the job, but to also expand coverage for employee’s families.

Are Florida Health Insurance Premiums The Only Cost To Consider?

Premiums don’t represent the true cost of Florida health insurance. After you’ve spent enough on health care to meet the annual deductible, you may still have a co-insurance payment. Some plans with 100-percent co-insurance pay for almost all medical treatment once the deductible has been met. Other plans may have 80-percent or another percentage of co-insurance.

Fifty-percent co-insurance, for example, would mean that you’re still responsible for half of the medical bills after you’ve met the plan’s deductible. In addition, some plans may have multiple deductibles or the extent of the deductible may not be clear.

If a policy specifies a $5,000 deductible, check whether that is per family member. A couple with two children could end up with a $20,000 annual deductible if every family member has a $5,000 deductible before their health care is covered.

Health Care Reform Has Already Taken A Big Bite Out Of Deductibles

FL health insurance plans purchased this year have no co-pays or other out-of-pocket costs for preventive health care. Health insurance for Florida that was purchased before the law was changed still enforces deductibles the old way, but plans purchased today exempt many recommended forms of health care from being subject to a deductible.

Some of the preventive care that’s now covered includes your annual physical exam, colonoscopies, mammograms, and screening procedures to detect other diseases. If you get these services from outside of the plan’s network of providers, you’ll probably have to pay for at least part of the bill. That’s another reason why it’s critical to review provider lists before you apply for coverage.

Traditional or Contemporary, Rakhi Gifts Are Always Special

Rakhi can be definitely called a non-religious festival as it binds hearts and revokes brotherly and sisterly love. This, much awaited festival usually comes in August every year on the Shravan poornima. People who are familiar with the generation old traditions will vouch that rakhi is incomplete without the sacred thread and of course some sweets and gifts.

So without beating around the bush let’s get down to the basics, that’s choosing the appropriate rakhi gift for brothers and return gift for sisters.

Options are too many if you browse the Internet for rakhi gifts, but still there are some gift items that are preferred by most.

Evergreen Rakhi Gifts:

There are some gifts that are considered evergreen and can be chosen as an accompaniment with the rakhi. Sweets like mawa burfi, motichoor ladoo, kaju barfi surely are some of the most well accepted traditional rakhi gifts. If you want to add a contemporary touch, just go in for a chocolate basket or a delicious chocolate or vanilla cake. Select what your brother likes the most and that’s the way to go!

If you want to skip the sweets, try out fruits or dry fruits or some combination gifts with flowers, which can make the event special.

Contemporary Rakhi Gifts:

If you do not wish to stick to the same old traditional gifts and are looking for something new, the choices are countless. For a younger brother a soft toy, a smiley cake, innovative toys, watches, special kids chocolates can be some of the best rakhi gifts.

For the older brothers, a smart shirt, trouser, tie, watch, belt, wallet or perfume can be some of the best gifts.

Rakhi is one of the best times to strengthen bonds between a brother and sister, so choose wisely and make the occasion memorable.

Best Return Gifts for Sisters:

Choosing gifts for girls have never been an easy task. That is all the more reason why a little guidance can come handy when choosing the right gift for your sister.

Just as girls like pink, most of them love flowers too.

A beautiful bouquet with some chocolates, sweets or a cake can surely make your sister’s day on rakhi.

If you want to go in for a gift that’s for keeps, then apparel, watch, purse, or a personalized mug or photo frame may be some great options to choose from.

For the older sisters, kitchen ware can be one of the most appreciated gifts as they come handy and can be used regularly.

If you have a sister who is fond of dressing up, just select some good quality cosmetic or perfumes which suits her taste.

Show pieces or home décor accessories also make wonderful return gifts. A painting, clock, marble décor piece, feng shui bamboo, a lucky charm all will be admirable gift choices for the occasion.

The choices are endless, select what you think is the best and suits your pocket.

Amazing Hen Party Games

As if organising a hen party isn’t difficult enough without having to organise games too! Games are a great idea if you’re organising a hen night and not everybody knows each other or you’re worried about people getting separated and want something to keep everybody entertained.

Hen party games come in so many types – with or without alcohol, tame or highly embarrassing, expensive or cheap – so it can be difficult to choose the game that will suit you best.

This can be a lot of pressure – coming up with a game that everybody will want play is tricky because every hen party is different. Some groups may be up for anything but a lot of hen do’s have a spread of ages and tastes so finding the right game can take time.

Here’s some suggestions on hen party games that can help make your event incredibly memorable:

Amazing Hen Party Games

Wedding Pictionary

We all know and love Pictionary from our childhoods and this game is exactly the same but all the words your hen party has to draw are wedding related in some way – vicar, garter, flowers, groom etc.

Rude Pictionary

Similar to Wedding Pictionary but a whole lot ruder. This isn’t an appropriate place to put some suggestions but it doesn’t take much internet research to find some suitably filthy ideas!

Hen Party Dares

This is one of the all time classic hen do games, known the world over. Each person/team is given a list of dares that can earn them points. The more embarrassing or risky the dare the more points it’s worth – which team will get the most points?

Guess the Baby

Each hen brings a photo of themselves to the party, with all the pictures being pinned up with a number beside it. Each hen has to guess the name of each person in the photo and the person with the most points wins.

Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

Can your hens create a high fashion piece from loo roll? Split your party in to teams and each team gets a limited amount of time and toilet rolls to create a wedding dress. The bride to be then judges their efforts, awarding prizes along the way.

Pin the Junk on the Hunk

A very adult version of pin the tail on the donkey. This game can be bought as a kit from Amazon or Ann Summers.

Wine Tasting Challenge

Quite possibly the most sophisticated hen party game ever! Buy a selection of wines – red, white, fruity, sweet – and get your hens to blind taste each one while you read out the description and they have write which wine they think it is.

Never Have I Ever

This is a great drinking game and ice breaker. Starting with the bride each hen has to say something they have ever done – had sex outdoors for example – and each hen who has done it has to take a drink.

Two truth’s one lie

This game is a great ice breaker if your hens don’t know each other very well. Each hen has to tell the group tow truth’s about themselves and one lie. The rest of the group have to try and guess which one was the lie.

Mr and Mrs Questions

This is probably one of the most popular hen party games around at the moment. Do a quick Google search to get some questions then ask the groom to tell you his answers before the hen night. Then when you are on the hen night ask the bride to be the same questions and compare answers for hilarious results.

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

Very similar to the above but with a focus on questions that will have your bride laughing and cringing at the same time.

Rude Mr and Mrs Questions

A very naughty version of the above with questions of a highly adult nature!

It’s hard having a penis

Is it really that difficult being a man? This hen party game lets you find out! All you need to do for this game is put a ball in a long sock and fasten it to your waist. The idea is then to knock over empty bottles by using pelvic thrusts as quickly as possible. The fastest person/team wins.

Pass the balloon

A really simple game, in which your hen party is split in to teams and they have to pass a balloon down a line of people without using their hands.

Shake the balls loose

This is a great booty shaking game. Fill an empty tissue box with balls and fasten it around a hen’s waist. Then turn up the music and watch them try to shake the balls loose with their very best moves.

Shot Glass Roulette

A drinking game pure and simple! Each hen gets a shot and somebody spins a bottle. Whoever the bottle points at drinks their drink and then spins the bottle. That’s it!

Pass the parcel with a twist

This is a game for hen parties who are up for a laugh. Each hen buys a fancy dress costume or some funny jewellery or accessories, which you then wrap in individual sheets of wrapping paper. You then play pass the parcel (whoever the music stops on unwraps a layer) and whatever is in the layer they have to wear.

Blindfold Penis Making

Give each hen party member a lump of clay and a blindfold and get them to sculpt a penis within a set amount of time. The bride to be can judge the best and worst attempts!

Grown up hungry hippos

This is a massive craze at the moment and great fun. You need plenty of room, some skateboards, laundry baskets, and ball pool balls. Put he balls in the middle of the room and split your hen party in to teams. One hen (you can take it in turns) lies on the skateboard with the laundry basket and is pushed by the group in to the balls where they have to try and catch as many as they can. The team with the most balls wins!

We hope this selection of hen party games helps you make the perfect party!